Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New seating area

When I took over the allotment it appeared to have raised beds with grass paths and a shed which you couldn't see for brambles. Much to my amazement it turned out to have crazy paving and astroturf buried under the couch grass. I replaced the rat-infested, rickety homemade shed with my own and painted it blue!

Anyway, outside the door of the shed there was a higgedly piggedly path which has been the only place to put our small table and chairs. I've lost a lot of tea over the last two summers because the table wobbled so much! When I was left 2 large and one small pallets last year I saw an opportunity to change.

Here is a mid-way-through picture. Hoping it will be somewhere to sit, relax and have tea. Still needs more work... will post another pic when I've done more.

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