Sunday, 29 March 2009

Asparagus and Potatoes

Today was a lovely day. As well as a picnic lunch, we cleared one of the beds and planted some Rocket first earlies (may be a bit late, but I'm sure it's been too cold), as well as weeded the asparagus patch, the overwintered peas and cleared some blanket weed from the (very small) pond.

Was chuffed to find I had asparagus shoots coming up from 4 of the plants (my neighbour has two). Photo to the left of one of my red asparagus (I can't remember the variety). They've been in the ground for 3 years so this will be my first harvest. So Excited!!! Mind you, was pleasantly surprised to find that purple sprouting broccoli bears a striking resemblance to asparagus.

Also built another flower box to go alongside the deck and cleared some of the stones from the displaced soil.

I've also harvested some forced rhurbarb - a picture of my partially successful attempt is on the right.

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