Saturday, 28 March 2009

Seeds and seedlings

Elizabeth and I have just repotted my 4 March seedlings: Golden Tomatoes and Red Cherry as well as the Ailsa Craig onions. We've planted sunflowers in toilet rolls which are now sitting alongside her sweetpeas on her windowcill (see picture).

New seeds planted are various tomatoes (Tumbling Tom, Yellow Cocktail, Moneymaker, Tigerella, Gardener's Delight, Pomodoro Follia ibrido, Striped Stuffer), Sweet Pepper 'California Wonder', Butternut Squash 'Sprinter' and Festival Squash. These are now sitting on top of the shelf in the living room near the uplighter - I've found it's the best place to germinate seeds without investing in lots of equipment!

Next I need to take seedlings down to my greenhouse at the allotment - hope the weather improves.

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